Tragically, the final season before the show's cancellation ends on an unresolved cliffhanger. Still, it becomes abundantly clear by the end of season 2 that Quentin has the resources, the allies, and most importantly the wisdom to overthrow the evil overlord Kortan and to bring freedom and justice back to the world.

2.15 The Revenge of the Shantytown
Moganda attacks Shantytown with anomas (acid-spitting giant ants). Ramirez takes Quentin to receive the Quickening of the entomology Jettator Mahata. Quentin decides to use fear pheromones against the anomas. Shantytown dissenters led by Virgil abduct anomas from an island and send them into Moganda, leading to many casualties. Quentin tries to stall the anomas while Ramirez sends the pheromones into the ventilation system. The anomas flee; later, when Ramirez recommends bringing them to extinction, Quentin scolds him for it. A fairly important story.

2.16 Trick of the Light
Quentin and Ramirez find a holographic projection of Kortan in a temple. Kortan is holding Ava, Jettator of image-making, captive to operate the projection machine. Ava escapes from Moganda, and Arak is on her trail. Quentin finds her after she takes a fall, and the Quickening is passed. The Hunters arrive and capture Clyde and Ava. Quentin arrives at the projection studio and comes across a number of Kortan holograms, and then battles Kortan himself. Ramirez drops a set of lights upon Kortan before he can decapitate Quentin, and then he destroys the machine and rescues Clyde and Ava. A nice little episode.

2.17 The Double
An immortal comes for Quentin's head while he is asleep in a crashed plane, and they engage in a sword fight. The attacker's hand is cut, leaving a scar. Ramirez recognizes him as the genetics Jettator Fredrickson. Ramirez dons his armor and goes to kill Fredrickson in his oil tanker base. Quentin stops him and proves that Fredrickson is not the attacker--the scar is missing. Fredrickson reveals that it was his clone, who has escaped and seeks the Prize. Quentin and Ramirez track the clone, who circles back to the tanker to take on his creator. The clone offers to give Quentin the Quickening, but Quentin notices the scar on his hand and fights him. The clone cuts a wire and is sent reeling back into a giant fan. Later, Fredrickson passes his Quickening to Quentin. A bit weak.

2.18 Playing with Fire
Arak finds strange design plans in the bureaucratic level. Asklepios has secretly made a domed tower that absorbs sunlight to fire lasers, hoping to make the Hunters obsolete. A Hunter follows Valka, and the laser is used against him. Quentin disguises himself as Hunter 411 to report the tower to Arak, while the Dundees set up weapons. Arak attacks the tower before dawn, but as the sun rises, Quentin breaks in and forces the bureaucrats to fire at Moganda as the Dundees fly in and set explosives to destroy the tower. Arak and Asklepios decide to not let Kortan know the whole story. Splendid.

2.19 Cult of the Immortal
A cult in a mining village prepares to sacrifice its children to The Immortal, a stone face that resembles Quentin. Many people protest the sacrifices and push for postponement; later, when they see Quentin, they desire to behead him. Quentin and Ramirez take in the leader of the rebellion, Margerie, and tell her that Quentin is not a god, nor does he seek sacrifices. Moganda's bureaucracy is behind the cult movement, hoping to spark rebellion. Ramirez, Quentin, and Margerie take on Valka and the cult, and the idol is destroyed. Mediocre.

2.20 The Survivors from Outer Space
A group of astronauts awake from hypersleep and crash on Earth after being gone for 7 centuries. Emerson, an immortal who knew Kortan, betrays the rest to take credit for their discovery. A bureaucrat defects and finds Quentin to inform him of the arrival of the shuttle; Quentin decides to investigate the crash site and space center. Kortan finds Emerson, tells him of the Great Catastrophe, and reminds him of his debt. Emerson shows him the discovery, an invisibility gas, and then Kortan decapitates him and uses the gas on himself to take on Quentin. Malone accidentally runs over Kortan in the snow, and Quentin and Ramirez escape. Quite interesting.

2.21 Countdown
A missile base is put into operation and controlled by Kortan. The missiles are fired at various locations, bringing death and destruction to the land. Arak announces that the bombing will end only if the people bring in the Highlander within 12 hours. Some people try to hunt down Quentin, and the Dundees arrive to help him. The heroes break into the base and sabotage a missile to detonate inside the base, taking on countless Hunters along the way. Quentin encounters Kortan on his way out, and they duel as the clock ticks down. The fire engulfs Kortan as he goes for the killing stroke, and Quentin leaves from the rubble. The villagers apologize for turning against MacLeod, and he forgives them. One of the best.

2.22 Tricks of the Mind
On the run from the Hunters, Ramirez and Quentin catapult a rope across a waterfall to get across the ravine, but Ramirez falls into the water in the process. Ramirez loses the MacLeod sword...and his memory of the last 7 centuries. Quentin finds the sword while Ramirez learns of the Great Catastrophe from a street prophet. Ramirez retrieves his sword and tells Arak to issue a challenge to Kortan. Quentin has a nightmare on his way to the Hill of Oath, and then makes a spiritual contact with Yoshoda, who tells him to protect Ramirez. Ramirez and Kortan duel on the same volcano where they fought centuries earlier, but Ramirez turns on Quentin when he tries to stop them. Ramirez's memory returns when Kortan calls Quentin "Highlander," and Kortan is engulfed in lava...but he survives. Contrived, but the ending is great.

2.23 Matsuda
A figure in black breaks into Moganda to kill Kortan. Kortan discovers the challenger to be a cyborg. Meanwhile, Ramirez takes Quentin to an earthquake-ridden land to find Matsuda, the cybernetics Jettator, who lost his hand to Kortan. Asklepios determines that the cyborg was made by Matsuda. Quentin's skills are tested against a cyborg, and he uses an infrared light to hide his heat signature, allowing for him to make the killing blow. Matsuda cages Ramirez and Quentin so that he can take on Kortan with an intelligent cyborg. An earthquake gives Kortan the advantage to beat the cyborg, and allows the heroes to get free. Quentin and Kortan fight, but the quakes break the ground apart, eventually sending Kortan into a crevice. Matsuda saves Ramirez, Clyde, and Gaul in the crumbling building, so Ramirez does not take his head for breaking the Oath. Matsuda's Quickening to Quentin reduces the city to rubble. Quite silly.

2.24 Valka
Ramirez takes out bureaucratic spies, giving Arak something to use against Asklepios. Valka angers Asklepios, and he turns against her. She in turn knocks him out and sabotages the system to send Moganda in panic. The Hunters are sent to arrest her as she escapes the city. Quentin sees the chase and decides to help her, initially not realizing who she is. Valka hands over resistance intelligence and offers to make the bureaucrats neutral in the final Kortan-MacLeod fight if Quentin will take out Arak. The pressure on Asklepios has him worried about losing his position, and Malone's taunts add to the stress. Ramirez goes to warn Sven about being on the Hunters' hit list. Valka traps Quentin in a room in Moganda and then helps Asklepios restore the system. Ramirez convinces Arak to help Quentin escape, lest the bureaucrats get credit for capturing MacLeod. Another great character study.

2.25 King of the Ants
Ramirez and Quentin hide from the Hunters in an abandoned city. They find an entrance into a subway system, and are shocked when a train arrives to pick them up as the Hunters close in on them. They meet Zak, the only city resident who was not taken as a slave. He takes them to a lower level, but Arak cuts the power to the train and goes to level 13 to capture them. Zak brings them to a tunnel of anomas, with whom he communicates; they do not attack them due to a gas that Zak sprays on them. An anoma captures Clyde after she removes the gas scent, and Zak leads them to find her in the queen's chamber. Quentin fights the queen and Zak has to calm her down. The Hunters appear and capture them, but the anomas, under Zak's control, attack the Hunters. Zak decides to leave the tunnels for life on the surface. A bit silly, but decent.

2.26 Isle of Grans
Quentin & Co. are on a hovercraft over the snow, escaping from Arak's forces, when they find an island of forest amongst the ice. Arak circles the region with his tanks and begins to close in with his Hunters. RAmirez finds baby grans (the species that Gaul belongs to), and the gran inhabitants announce the strangers' arrival by shooting arrows to checkpoints. The spear-toting gran tribe captures them and takes them to their tree village, where they meet O'Kif, who can communicate with them. Gaul wins a fight against another gran and faces the snow spider challenge, so the outsiders are accepted. As the Hunters come closer, Quentin, Ramirez, and the grans take on the army and win, despite their inferior weaponry. However, Arak kidnaps Clyde to draw MacLeod into a trap; the grans come to the rescue with flaming arrows, and Quentin cuts off Arak's mechanical left hand. The Hunters leave, and a boat is constructed for the heroes to depart, but Gaul has a tryst with another gran before they go. The worst episode of the series; it's a shameless ripoff of the Ewok story in Return of the Jedi.

2.27 Eagle Valley
Quentin and Ramirez visit a village that was victimized by a Hunters slave raid. They find an orphaned boy, Doogie, and decide to take him to his grandfather in Eagle Valley. Quentin trains him to fight, and Clyde becomes jealous. The grandfather's home is built on stone towers. It is abandoned and filled with inventions, which reminds Ramirez of DaVinci. Doogie sends a message to Moganda to reveal Quentin's position in exchange for the release of his grandfather. The grandfather arrives and saves Clyde and Gaul from the Hunters, sending them into the woods for protection. Ramirez and Quentin wake up and cut the rope to the lift just as Kortan is nearly ascended to the top, but Kortan begins to climb up the side of the tower. Doogie runs to escape, and he is stopped by his grandfather. Quentin and Kortan fight as the others construct a glider. The grandfather calls birds to assault Kortan, and Quentin escapes on the glider with Doogie. A really strong season finale that makes the viewer long for the never-made final season.