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    Anyone seen the tv series "Queen of Swords"? I found a few episodes on line, some of the episodes posted, the quality isn't so great but I found a few that weren't so grainy. Peter Wingfield and Valentine Pelka are both in it, and one of the producers of Highlander was involved with the show early on. It was definitely ripping off Zorro big time but it was decent. Peter isn't in every episode but Valentine I think is.
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    Thanks for the heads up ... Will look into it
    La Peur Tue l'Esprit ...


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      Yeah, I watched this a while back. Peter and Valentine were terrific of course, the lead, however, less good. I seem to recall even Peter saying something about how less than professional she was


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        This show streams for free on Tubi. I watched it when it was on tv and now I'm enjoying it again. Peter's doctor character is like Methos. This is really why I kept watching the show.


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          Aside from the fact that Kronos was a sociopath...this could almost exist in the Highlander universe...just another alias of Methos' but Kronos, I can't see his character even pretending to be the law and order of a society lol!