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  • Raven Chronicles?

    I remember seeing on the advertisement for the DVD set something called Raven Chronicles. Now I presume they were the equivalent of Watcher Chronicles. But when they were released the Chronicles were missing. Does anybody know why they were cut?

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    Originally posted by von Møllet View Post
    I remember seeing on the advertisement for the DVD set something called Raven Chronicles. Now I presume they were the equivalent of Watcher Chronicles. But when they were released the Chronicles were missing. Does anybody know why they were cut?
    Donna Lettow, author of the Watcher CD, offered brand new watcher's chronicles to the Raven dvd conceptors, they said ok. Then they wrote to her a 'forget it' note, so she gave up on the idea. No Raven chronicles. The only Raven chronicles in existence were on the old HLBB forums, posted by yours truly ha ha ha


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      Such a shame. I didn't hate the Raven, it would have been nice if they fleshed the characters out a bit more. I know some got short bios in the persona cards of the CCG. Talia Bauer, Crysta, and Victor Hansen I believe.


      • Gardner
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        What did those short bios say about them ?

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      Christina "Crysta" Van Pelt was born in 1954 in New York and joined the armed forces when she was 18.
      After a long distinguished career and watching others with less talent and skills pass her by, Crysta's
      loyalties waned. One fateful night in the late eighties, Crysta was stationed in Germany where she was
      given a proposal of power at a dance club by the owner Andre Korda. However Korda was no mere business man.
      He was an ancient immortal with 1000's of years of experience, ruling a growing underworld syndicate. He
      quickly ensnared the seduced Crysta into his world of extortion and crime. Like so many others before her,
      Crysta was given a test of loyalty and devotion by stealing secrets and technologically from her former US
      affiliates. She was killed during the attempt and reborn into the world of immortals. Korda took her into
      his web of lies and manipulation. Crysta's expertise in computers and business were put to good use. Korda
      trained her in the traditional Chinese arts of Fu Ling - The art of control and conquest to least resistance.
      Since her death, she has served her mentor and lover loyally. Nicknamed the "Crystal Viper," Crystal is as
      dangerous a body guard, as she is beautiful. Dispite her inexperience and Korda's diminishing power,
      she is a weapon not to be taken lightly.

      Victor was burn in 1542, and was one of three adopted sons to a wealthy family. Living the luxurious life became boring to Victor and he began
      his life of burglaries and becoming a master of disguise. Unfortunately, it caught up with him in 1580, when he was executed for robbing a
      church. Kanwulf the Viking found him, taught him of his immortality, and became his first teacher. Since then Victor has maintained an
      untraceable life as a great thief.

      Talia Bauer was born a farmer's daughter in France, and was poor all throughout her childhood.
      She grew to hate aristocrats and the rich. She would lead many of France's bloody revolutions.
      Talia was shot in the back for her defiance during the revolt against her own husband's household.
      Her first teacher was the Immortal Segur, but her shifting loyalties and her constant bitterness
      caused the two to part ways. With each revolution's failure from the sixteenth century to the early
      20th century, the once speaker of the deprived, became a lost killer. Talia in the end was interested
      in domination, control, and blackmail.


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        The Hansen storey looks like what I posted long ago. Odd.

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      Yeah, reading a few of them makes we question the authenticity of the information. I'll take what I can get hahaha.


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        I really wished they'd have done Watcher Chronicles for the Raven discs. I never doubted for a minute they'd be on the discs until I popped one in, then I was quite disappointed.
        Highlander: Dark Places


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          TPTB have disavowed all responsibility for the Raven. The whole commentary was about how it didn't work. Has it ever been mentioned at the cons?


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            Originally posted by mathpiglet View Post
            TPTB have disavowed all responsibility for the Raven. The whole commentary was about how it didn't work. Has it ever been mentioned at the cons?
            Yeah, it comes up quite a bit, usually when Gracen is on stage. Mostly it's in a retrospective... "We could have made it work with a second season" sort of way. And don't forget, Gracen is still working on that Raven novel. "Letters" that was performed in Florida and now LA is just like one chapter from it.
            Highlander: Dark Places


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              I think that those that watch The Raven series should work on compiling a Chronicle for the new characters. Add filler info by pulling from the actors other film roles. For example, Michelle Gomez role in The Collection on Masterpiece. I also saw her in a film with Rutgers Hauer back in the days after The Raven.

              We could each add info we find under the characters names and then flesh out a Chronicle for them. Is anyone else up to the challenge?


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                I wrote watcher's chronicles for the Raven Immortals long ago. Interested ?


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                  Originally posted by Gardner View Post
                  I wrote watcher's chronicles for the Raven Immortals long ago. Interested ?
                  I'd love to see them.
                  Highlander: Dark Places


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                    Here's two of them, with a different fate for Julian Heller.
                    The following stories do not follow canon, since with Apollo1 wrote stories set in a rebooted Highlanderverse negating parts of the original series and the Raven, as well as most of the films franchise.

                    Hamran of Babylon
                    Known aliases : Sephiroth, Brother Dominicus,
                    Fernando La Guerra, Dominic Levoss, Ricardo
                    Balboa, Roderick Krupp, Josef Krauss, Julian
                    Notable characteristics : None
                    Weapon : Spanish Cavalry saber
                    Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

                    Most recent base of operations : Johannesburg,
                    Republic of South Africa
                    Occupation : Surgeon selling organs to black
                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                    Date : 3 May 1999
                    Place : Johannesburg
                    Victor : Peter Gaicus
                    Watcher : Simon Atlan

                    Original cultural affiliation : Babylonian
                    Born : 600 BC, Babylon, Mesopotamia
                    First death : 600 BC, Lynch mob after botched
                    surgical experiments
                    First teacher : Undetermined
                    Known associates : None
                    Known past associates : Kronos, La Malinche,
                    Stefan Knochen, Susana Viscahio
                    Know ennemies : Peter Gaicus
                    First recorded sighting : 1378 London; Medical
                    doctor challenged by Peter Gaicus, left town quickly

                    Before selling human organs to black market in present days, Hamran learnt his trade in Babylon and has been experimenting on mortals through two millenias and a half. His first death occured when the incensed families of persons he had "treated" had been found with body parts missing, obviously victims of experimentations.
                    About fifty people rushed to his home and severely maimed him before hanging him to a tree. A raven-haired immortal woman taught him the rules of the Game and how to experiment on mortals a bit more discreetly. Her identity is unknown, but she might have been the fabled Kellistra, who was rumored living in Babylon at that time era.
                    Hamran was in in London during the Great Plague (identified as Brother Dominicus) and watched thousands of people dying, learning how the rats managed to destroy half of Europe in such an effective way. He was seen with the man now identified as Kronos, leader of the Four Horsemen and close associate of Kellistra.

                    In 1643, Heller lived as a physician in the Black Forest (Herr Doctor Levoss), making money from the fact that medical treatments could only be handled by priests and physicians, not herbalists, enforcing this particular law with much brutality. He mentored a German monk who became a pioneering doctor known as Stefan Knochen. Heller killed a friend of Amanda, and nearly had her burned as a witch. Amanda managed to escape with her life, stabbing her friend in the heart to avoid her a most painful death.
                    In 1671 he is the physician of a wealthy Portuguese in Brazil. He is lining his pockets with the money of the poor and suffering while pretending to cure them from their diseases and other plagues. He mentors a new immortal, Susana Viscahio.
                    During the 18th century he is reinventing hmself as a practicing surgeon in the Viceroyalty of New Spain, presently known as Mexico. He mentors another immortal, Doctor Armador Cobo, who will become a surgeon selling organs to the back market from the 1980's to the 2000‘s.
                    In 1879, he is in Brisbane, during the heyday of colonial Australia, experimenting on convicts from England and Ireland and later on Australian aborigenes.
                    During World War II Hamran of Babylon, aka Julian Heller, was Doctor Josef Krauss, assistant to infamous Dr. Mengele, practicing inhuman experiments on the inmates of Auschwitz inmates
                    He killed hundreds of those poor souls and went so far as to experiment on a fellow immortal, amazing his Nazi colleagues who wondered how one could heal so fast. The immortal's identity was never found until we could finally cross-identify his as Roderyk Cowalski, a Polish Jew who was deported to Auschwitch in 1942.
                    In 1973 Heller was a practicing doctor in Santiago, Chile, in service to Augusto Pinochet himself.
                    In 1996, the mad doctor had developed into an outstanding transplantation specialist selling organs to the black market of transplantation, and met his end at the hands of Peter Gaicus

                    Watcher Research, Western Europe

                    John Ray Fielding
                    Known aliases : John Fields, John Fielding Jr.
                    Notable characteristics : None
                    Weapon : US MI913 « Patton » saber
                    Recorded kills : None, not a player of the Game

                    Most recent base of operations : Baghdad, Irak
                    Occupation : Lieutnant, US Marines; Second Gulf
                    Prior occupations : Lieutnant, British Army; First
                    Gulf War; Lieutnant, US Army, Vietnam, WWII;
                    Private, British Army, WWI
                    Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                    Date : 17 November 2007
                    Place : Irak
                    Victor : Beheaded by Taliban, Quickening lost
                    Watcher : Private Mike Sanders

                    Original cultural affiliation : English
                    Born : 1881, Manchester England
                    First death : 1917, Military courrier killed in the
                    Trenches, WWI
                    First teacher : Everett Bellian
                    Known past associates : Everett Bellian, Brian
                    First recorded sighting : 1917. London, England
                    Student of Everett Bellian

                    I am afraid to report that we lost another dedicated Watcher, Private Mike Sanders, in Irak. His platoon was ambushed by a Taliban cell while doing a patrol. After a firefight, only him and his assignment, John Ray Feilding remained and were taken by Taliban forces to a undisclosed location. When asked who was higher in rank, Feilding said Sanders was, knowing that the terrorists would want a higher rank to hold for ransom. They beheaded Feilding, taping it, and sent a message to US Forces. By the time the US responded, the area was deserted and Sanders was found shot in the head excution style.

                    Stephen Lawrence, Area Supervisor Bagdhad
                    Second Gulf War

                    Written by ThePiscitelli, 2009

                    When John Ray Fielding first met Amanda in 1917, he was a corporal of the British army, stationed in France on the battlefield of WWI with orders for his untit to ceasefire for the day so as to avoid a situation with the Germans were they would all have been needlessly killed. Ray was carrying his order in a wallet with money in it, which Amanda coveted.
                    Ray was ambushed and tried to explain to the thief that his orders were important, he couldn't give her his wallet. But she didn't listen, knocked him out and stole both letter and money. When Ray woke up, it was too late : his unit made of 120 men had been slaughtered in battle and himself met his First Death later in the trenches.
                    His teacher, Everett Bellian taught him about immortality and disclosed to him the identity of the woman he met. Ray swore to find the thief who had caused the death of his comrades-in-arms.
                    It was not only the death of his friends that broke his heart, but also seeing from afar his wife marrying another man and their adopted children growing up without him. Not knowing anything alse, Ray stayed a soldier, fighting in Spain, Korea and Vietnam under different identities, living by the sword and by the gun.
                    In 1998, Ray found the woman who destroyed his life in Toronto, confronted her and challenged her to a fight; Amanda, a thief with a conscience, felt guilty and accepted the challenge.
                    Who knows what would have happened if her pre-immortal friend Nick Wolfe hadn't interfered, making Fielding realise that Amanda's death wouldn't bring his friends back from the grave, and that revenge was a two-edged sword : it kills its carrier as well as its target.
                    Fielding reluctantly agreed to let bygones be bygones, and left Amanda to her bad conscience, ready to start a new life fresh without revenge in his heart.

                    Keith Dolan, Toronto 1998

                    Written by Gardner, 2008
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                      Derek Markham
                      Known aliases : Michael Derek, Didier Meers
                      Notable characteristics : Sociopathic
                      Weapon : Double-ring rapier

                      Most recent base of operations : Warsaw, Poland
                      Occupation : Kidnapping racket, specialising in
                      children from rich families
                      Prior occupations : Highwayman
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Inactive
                      Date :
                      Place :
                      Victor :
                      Watcher : Patrick Salzer

                      Original cultural affiliation : English
                      Born : 1717; Bedford, England
                      First death : 1746; Highwayman ambushing
                      Swenja Batz and Lootje De Groot
                      First teachers : Swenja Baatz and Lootje De Groot
                      Known past associates : Swenja Baatz, Lootje De
                      Groot, Amanda, Viktor Hansen, Andrew Franklin
                      First recorded sighting :1746; the road from
                      Ipswich to Bedford. Tried to rob Swenja and Lootje
                      who laughed, killed him and then mentored him

                      From the Chronicle of Swenja Baatz and Lootje De Groot

                      In 1746, Swenja Baatz and Lootje De Groot were travelling from Ipswich, fresh from having kiled Irishman Ethan Callaghan and were going on with their business as highwaywomen. On the road, while travelling to Bedford, they had the surprise to meet a pre-immortal highwayman who tried to rob them from their money and other valuables; the two women felt the pre-immortal presence from Markham and looked at him with a knowing smilebefore Swenja drew her pistol and shot him in the heart. When Markham came back from the dead, he had his would-be victims by his side who explained to him exactly why he wasn’t dead; with his new friends’ teachings, he discovered the world was his playgound and that he could be anything he ever dreamt of. The trio then spent two years robbing the riches,giving only to themsevles before Swenja decided to end their little menage à trois and to leave for Cornwall; they ended their relationship with Markham by suggestign he makes the most of his immortality... and he did, constantly living on the fringes of the Law, evading the attentions of the like of Charles Mako or Matthew of Salisbury, associating himself with immortals such as Viktor Hansen or Amanda.

                      From the Chronicle of Derek Markham :

                      My father told me what kind of lousy scum I was going to Watch, he didn't prepare me to encounter such a despicable character : egocentric, cowardly, cunning, greedy, obsessed with women and especially with the ancient lady Who made the mistake of associating herself with him. Amanda should have known better, according to what Watcher Archives sent me about her. The two associates were involved in some kidnapping racked, targeting children of London's upper society. This time, the game turned sour with the kidnapped child accidentally killed by Markham. Amanda angrily turned on him and threatened to feed him to the policemen only to feel Markham's sword to her throat.
                      Amanda being the only witness of Markham's crimes, he offered her a choice : marry him or die. A wife cannot testify against her husband on court, he reasoned. Amanda, not too good with a sword, agreed and the "lovebirds" were married by a defroqued priest in the hour. But Amanda, amoral thief and loving to mortals, sold her husband to the constable winning the gratitude of a family of mortals and the undying hatred of her ex-husband.

                      Oliver Pickwick, Manchester 1867

                      Valery of Winthertur
                      Known aliases : Louis de Rancogne, Vlad
                      Rankoscyk, Sir Archibald Willoughby, Vladimir
                      Notable characteristics : Air of aristocracy
                      Weapon : Franc-taupin sword
                      Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

                      Most recent base of operations : Budapest, Hungary
                      Occupation : Advisor to the Prime Minister of
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                      Date : 26 April 1999
                      Place : Paris, France
                      Victor : Tim Helfet, Rogue Watcher, Q. lost
                      Watcher : Tim Helfet

                      Original cultural affiliation : Swiss
                      Born : 1435, Zurich Switzerland
                      First death : 1474, Tax collector killed by
                      highwaymen on the road to Geneva
                      First teacher : Anatoly Kazansky
                      Known past associates : Anatoly Kazansky,
                      Cristofori, Francis Bacon
                      First recorded sighting : 1565 France; murdered a
                      mortal protege of Amanda

                      From the Records of the Tribunal

                      A careful study has been made of the murder of immortal Vladimir Rankov by his Watcher Tim Helfet, representing a severe case of Watcher's interference with his assignment.
                      Although Rankov caused irreparable prejudice to Jerry Helfet's family with his murder, two wrongs do not make one right : or so is the lesson we were taught by the Galati Affair when Jacob Galati nearly launched a full-scale Immortals-Watcher War after James Horton murdered his wife. A situation avoided thanks to the actions of immortals Duncan MacLeod, Methos and then-Watcher Joe Dawson.

                      In the present case, Helfet shouldn't have played Judge, Jury and Executioner, a feat still punishable by death according to our laws. However, in memory of his father, the Tribunal has decided to show itself lenient and to overtune the death sentence, leading to the permanent exclusion of Tim Helfet from the ranks of the Watchers.
                      Henceforth, Tim Helfet is from now on :

                      - Forbidden any active duty as a Field Watcher
                      - Forbidden to approach any branch of Watcher Headquarter in Europe and beyond.
                      - Forbiden to approach any member of the Watcher Organisation
                      - Forbidden any access to the Chronicles

                      The day after tomorrow, he will be approached by a Watcher who will remove his tattoo, thus severing his ties to our organisation. The Tribunal extends its sympathy and regrets to the Helfet family and wish Mr Helfet the best of luck.

                      Artemis Lowe
                      Known aliases : Artus the Magician,
                      Artemis Fowler, Arthur Bragh
                      Notable characteristics : None
                      Weapon : English medieval sword
                      Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game

                      Most recent base of operations : County Cork
                      Occupation : Doctor, astrologist; writer
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                      Date : January 1767
                      Place : County Cork
                      Victor : Eoin Colfer (aka Stefan Collier)
                      Watcher : Donald Quinn

                      Original cultural affiliation : English
                      Born : 1383, Lincolnshire England
                      First death : 1418, Drowned by the Inquisition for
                      alleged witchcraft
                      First teacher : Sean Burns
                      Known associates : Sean Burns, Darius,
                      Eoin Colfer
                      First recorded sighting : 1508. Island of Iona
                      Meeting Sean Burns, taught of his immortal nature

                      Artemis didn't understand why he was challenged by his student, after all the things he did for him : housing him, educating him, training him in the use of a sword and treating him like his equal. But Artemis didn't see that his lessons worked too well on his protege, he didn't see the time Stefan was spending studying astrology, numerology, mathematics, tarotology and slowly crafting his art of headhunting through what the stars and the cards were telling him. It took Stefan five years to be ready, to go from an illiterate madman to a qualified astrologist. And then, the tarot cards told Stefan it was time for him to take his teacher's Quickening. So he did and a good man was lost to the world forever.

                      Louis the Tinker, 1667

                      Liam Riley
                      Known aliases : Liam O’Neill, Patrick Clarke,
                      Seamus Riley Finn
                      Weapon : Never seen carrying any
                      Recorded kils : None, not a player of the Game
                      Inconclusive fight against Fabrice de Sauveterre,

                      Most recent base of operations : Dublin, Ireland
                      Occupation : Catholic priest
                      Roster of Immortals Status : Deceased
                      Date : 24 October 2013
                      Place : Dublin
                      Victor : Jacob Kell, with help from Black Friar followers
                      Watcher : Sharon Rabbite

                      Original cultural affiliation : Irish
                      Born : 1282, Dundalk Ireland
                      First death : 1318; Battle of Faughart, Irish Bruce
                      First teacher : Hugh O'Neil
                      Known associates : Amanda, Sr Mary Jean
                      Mitchell, Bertric, Emilie Valentin, Xanthia of
                      Known past associates : Darius, Nicholas Wolfe,
                      Sean Burns, Darla Caron, James Francois,
                      First recorded sighting : 1645, Fighting British
                      represal against Catholic Irishmen with Hugh O'Neil

                      From Watcher Bureau, Ireland
                      To Ravenwood
                      Date 24.10.2012

                      It can be written that in his last hour on earth, man of church Liam Riley fought like a devil (so to speak) against Jacob Kell. Kell was determined to get the head of Riley but Riley was a fierce fighter of the Game in his youth, and it showed. Unfortunately, Kell cheated and with help from his remaining henchmen took the old priest out of the Game.

                      From the records of the Tribunal :
                      In the past, Father Riley has been dubbed "cheap copy of Darius", nothing could be farther from the truth. Well, it is true that like Darius he was a great warrior who became a man of peace after experiencing an epiphany, but those were different circumstances : Darius received a light Quickening, Riley took an oath to serve God and never hurt innocent lives again; Darius lived a sheltered life on holy grounds, Riley tavelled often across the globe, doing his best to teach peaceul ways of living to tormented souls, both mortals and immortals. Darius did cast away his sword, Riley didn't because he understands a man of peace still needs the arts of war in times of need. Another difference : Darius is resting forever at the bottom of the Seine in Paris, turned into a handful of ashes; Riley is enjoying a good life in Dublin among the immortal community, doing his berst to quell the tensions existing between the Catholics and Proddies of Dublin.

                      Sharon Rabitte
                      Dublin, 2007


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                        Originally posted by Gardner View Post

                        Donna Lettow, author of the Watcher CD, offered brand new watcher's chronicles to the Raven dvd conceptors, they said ok. Then they wrote to her a 'forget it' note, so she gave up on the idea. No Raven chronicles.
                        Really? I'd never heard that. That's a real shame!


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                          Donna Lettow never truly cared about her characters it seems. To her, the Watchers Chronicles were less about writing bios than giving conclusions to the episodes of the series. A lot of work, but poor editing and poor historical research. She will never condone the work of fanfiction writers as a professional buth the Watcher CD ROM is unreliable in present times and it was never updated. You have 178 immortals when canonical Immortals and semi-canonical Immortals (i.e novel immies or those mentioned as teachers of other immortals or assignments of Watchers) count a whopping number of five hundred.

                          The only new Immortals created in recent years are those from Wendy Lou Jones and Liliana Bordoni's Imagine series and the few created for the Audio Books series.
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                            And the ones from Highlander: Dark places, Highlander: the Watcher and Highlander: Hans Kirschner
                            May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...


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                              Originally posted by Andrew NDB View Post

                              Yeah, it comes up quite a bit, usually when Gracen is on stage. Mostly it's in a retrospective... "We could have made it work with a second season" sort of way. And don't forget, Gracen is still working on that Raven novel. "Letters" that was performed in Florida and now LA is just like one chapter from it.
                              Is there a recording from that?
                              May flights of Demons guide you to your final rest...