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Would Methos have sacrificed his life if it would have meant saving Alexa?

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  • Would Methos have sacrificed his life if it would have meant saving Alexa?

    Since we do not know the mechanics of the Methusaleh stone, it might need to be infused with a Quickening to make it work for a mortal.
    Do you think Methos would've given up his own life to save that of Alexa? Or would he let her die so he could live on?

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    Ooooh. Tricky. I think he would've given up someone else's life to save Alexa. *waggle brows* As I've said before, though, the moment they know for certain that the Methuselah Stone works, everyone will be after it. Either for themselves, or for a loved one. He might have sacrificed himself to save her. If we're going from a pure emotion standpoint, and with the idea that they really loved each other, I don't think she would have let him. I think that's what would have happened, in the end. If it took his Quickening. He would have tried, and she would have refused, and the Methuselah Stone would not have worked.


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      Knee jerk says yes. His knee jerk that is; he was really in love, and they never had time for it to mellow or fade, so in that flush of anything for her, yes, he probably would have said yes, he'd die for her. If the relationship had gone on longer, the answer might have been different.