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Highlander Merchandise favorites and new item wish list.

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  • Highlander Merchandise favorites and new item wish list.

    By now most have us have purchased a piece of Highlander merchandise. Which 5 items were your favorites? What 5 new items do you wish they had sold?

    My favorites:
    Watcher Chronicles
    Production stills
    The silk jersey tee shirts in different colors that were made in Canada
    The books
    Roger Bellon's soundtracks

    Items I wanted to see: (Less expensive items than what was being offered in the end)
    Mugs with pictures and quotes from the show
    Playing cards with the Highlander logo on the back and favorite characters for the royal cards
    Watcher Chronicles for the new immortals from the film's and The Raven
    Scripts for The Raven and the other films
    A board game based on the franchise (I had been working on one but gave up when the merchandise store closed.)

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    I'd like to see more fairy stories about the police.
    It's getting funky up in herre!

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      The only Highlander items I have purchased are the movies, the TV series, and The Raven. But my TV series came with a Watchers Disk and a box of Highlander trading cards, most of which I have not opened.
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        I'd like the versions of the Watcher Pendants. The old one from the first episode they appeared in, and the other one.


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          Daryl Kyle ( Irishamericanlad) makes highlander related trinkets, he can probably make anything you'd like. I think I've seen him make a giant watcher 'pendant' earlier
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            Buy it all now!


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              Thanks for posting the commercial. They were very cheesy but memorable.


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                Joe's Bar neon sign.


                • Colleengael
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                  Are you going to try and make a Le Blues Bar sign too?

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                My favorites are my swords and the game cards I still own ...


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                  I ordered thd last two Flaming star rings of Amanda from the Official Highlander site before it close down. I wish I had ordered Duncan's sword back when it was available.