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Are 2nd (or 3rd, etc.) hand Quickenings less effective?

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  • Are 2nd (or 3rd, etc.) hand Quickenings less effective?

    Are they? Like, is Ramirez's Quickening inside Duncan less potent because it's been passed to him by Connor and the Kurgan, or just the same? And why?
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    I don't think they would be less effective as far as power gains are concerned, but I would argue that Connor's transfer to Duncan shows us that the memories mined, at least initially, are surface level to the beheaded. One might be able to meditate and conjure up the memories of all the quickenings within them, whether taken directly or not, but we never get to see that happen, so we can't be sure. In regards to power gains, though, I would think its all there, as it was part of the beheaded. It may take awhile to learn how to utilize them, or may even require similar meditations to conjure specific things up, but I would think its all there.


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      My impression from the movies and TV show is that they are not less effective. Quickenings are like a pyramid that builds toward an apex. "There can be only one!"


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        I think they are less effective because there is no secondhand Quickening. I think the power and knowledge intertwines with the one of the receiver. Forever altering the receivers signature in the process. It does not stack like a pile of books would, it adds and changes pages in the book it gets added to.
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