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Could Methos himself have been Jesus?

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  • Could Methos himself have been Jesus?

    We saw him talking with conviction in "The Source" when he talked about having seen Jesus teach... but could there have been more to it? Obviously Methos is a lot older than Jesus... but is it outside the realm of possibility that maybe he assumed that persona at that particular place and time?
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    I would think it's more likely he was just a disciple, or maybe even an apostle at best. They put a kind of aura of presumed truth around religion and holiness throughout the franchise, and so I always just saw that line as plain admittance that Yeshua was real in their world. Moving from there to assuming that Methos was the Messiah, himself, seems like a bit of stretch to me, especially with how annoyed he was with Giovanni in that scene. Had he played the role, himself, I think he would've just said so within that spout of irritated rage to shut him down.


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      For all we know he was pontius pilatus...

      I don't think he was close with the historical figure of Jesus. Probably an observant or maybe posing as a follower.
      Methos does seem to have a nose for innovation, for significant movements in time and he probably actively seeks it out. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew other greats from history in that regard.
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        I am going to go with Yvette Christofilis' fan fiction about Methos being a friend of Jesus and being there during the final few weeks of his life. It's a Matter of Faith was inspired by one of the discussions on the old message board and was printed out for inclusion in the Forever Highlander gift bags. I delivered 25 of the gift bags to different cast and crew members over the years. The other 175 went to fans who requested them. Check the fan fiction archives and you might be able to find it. It is a great Highlander read for Easter time.


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          No. Methos is very clever, highly intelligent, but he is a creature of habit not innovation. At the time of Jesus, he would have been over 3,000 years old, not a time to go about getting himself noticed with a new way of thinking even if he could have conceived such an unprecedented creed. Rebels, no matter how gentle, do not end well, and he knows this, and so would have stuck to the fringes, not been front and center. He would have been fascinated by the lessons taught, would probably even been a follower if only to slake his insatiable curiosity, but judging from the established character, no way in hell would he have been the leader of such a movement, and would likely have been right next to Peter denying they knew him when the Romans came.


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            I can most imagine him as one of the crowd at the feeding of the five thousand and it slowly sinking in over centuries. ('What? They're carrying on about *that* guy?' At the council of Trent or the such.)


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              I could see Methos hanging around the Romans and visiting Jesus just out of curiosity but no way would he have brought that much attention onto himself.
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